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Who We Are

Manning Masonry, Inc, a North Carolina Mason Contractors Association certified firm, participates in nearly all markets including healthcare, industrial, educational, government, retail and civil infrastructure. Historically, Manning Masonry, Inc. has participated in all job delivery methods including hard bid and construction management. Additionally, the company has recently partnered with several design-build firms to help design, budget, and complete exceptional masonry projects in all fields. In addition to traditional load bearing masonry and brick veneer, Manning Masonry, Inc. embraces the complexity and challenges of today’s masonry market. Crews are experienced in veneer stone, cast stone, architectural precast, hardscapes, retaining walls, and new veneer systems such as Enduramax. Their craftsmanship can be seen throughout the construction landscape of NC, SC, and VA.

Our Company


Manning Masonry, Inc., a prosperous masonry contracting firm in eastern N.C, was started in 1959 by Darrell “Sug” Manning. At its inception the company specialized in unit masonry construction. Field operations were manned by Roger and Bill Manning, the sons of Sug Manning. In the 1990’s Manning Masonry, Inc. grew into a turn key masonry service contractor. Roger and Bill expanded the capabilities of Manning Masonry, Inc. to encompass larger, more diverse masonry projects. The company thrived in all markets while maintaining its core founding principles of relationships, quality, and production. Manning Masonry, Inc. quickly became a preferred masonry contractor in the area for those reasons. The company’s diverse history and family background offer flexibility to successfully deliver a vast array of types and sizes of projects. “With our sights set on the opportunities of the future, we are continually reinforced by the experiences of our past”, states company Vice President, Tim Manning.

Why we


Manning Masonry, Inc. continues to be a leader in the industry in large part due to its people. “The greatest asset we possess is the unbridled passion and commitment of our employees”, exclaims Tim Manning. The company offers opportunities for progressive pay and advancement opportunities that rank the highest in the construction industry. Manning Masonry, Inc. a MCAA member also provides options for safety certifications, training, and continuing skill training in various construction applications. Manning Masonry, Inc. has numerous employees with State and Federal OSHA certifications. In addition, there are several employees and administrators who maintain Certified Masonry Executive and Certified Masonry Professional status with the NCMCA.

As a third generation company Manning Masonry, Inc. intends on maintaining its strong hold in the commercial masonry industry for many years to come. “While we continue to cultivate our long standing relationships with contractors and architects, we also look forward to the opportunities of building new partnerships in this industry”, states Tim Manning. “Our goal is to be the foremost reputable inclusive masonry contractor in the area.”